Friday, February 19, 2010

FORBA ads on Craig's list

FORBA has ads for Dentists flooding Craig's list and looking for recruits in just about every state and are will to pay your 'relocation' fees. Most of the ads want canidates to contact Jacob (Jake) Kochenberg. I believe daddy DeRose's (Eddie) daughter is married to Jake's brother. Keeping it "All In The Family" ya know.. I really need to put a little time into the 'family tree'.

Here is an ad for Dentists:

I see the phone number to call in interested is at the Pueblo Office.

Funny how New FORBA, who is suing Old FORBA, is allowing the Colorado office (Old FORBA) continue run the show, do the hiring etc. Maybe New FORBA is just the venue for capital after all.

You would think if there was this horrible breach of contract between New FORBA and Old FORBA as is alleged in the complaint, New FORBA would still allowing Old FORBA to control things. New FORBA says they own all the clinics, and Old FORBA just provided the management of the practice. In fact the idea that New FORBA is still allowing Old FORBA to run things tells me that New FORBA must like the way Old FORBA is doing things. Oh, wait! Maybe, just maybe it's not Old FORBA still running things. Maybe it's EEHC, LLC, who amazingly has the exact same employees as Old FORBA.

Here is another ad and I see their starting pay has dropped $20k.

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